Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Porsche Targa Great Barrier Reef

The newest addition to Porsche Targa Tours is the Porsche Targa Great Barrier Reef Tour.

At this event, you will drive a variety of closed-road stages, including the thrilling Gillies Highway, tackling approximately 800 kilometres over three days. Perfectly curated for you and your Porsche, this experience will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery of Far North Queensland, providing an ideal opportunity to acquaint yourself with the dynamics of closed-road touring at pace. We organise everything for you – your entry into the event, accommodation, hosted meals at unique locations and exclusive event merchandise.


What do we require from you?

A current Motorsport Australia Level 2 Non Speed Licence is the minimum requirement (available via for you and your co-driver along with an enthusiasm for what is a thrilling Targa Tour.

Package includes:

For express your interest in Porsche Targa Great Barrier Reef Tour, September 2023, please contact:
Porsche Experience Team
(03) 9473 0911
[email protected]

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