Ice Experience

Ice Experience

Ice Experience

Have you always avoided driving in the snow? Now’s the time to break the ice.

It is not just the landscape that’s extreme. But the driving pleasure too. And the exciting program against a breathtaking backdrop that awaits the participants of the Ice Experience. It is no wonder that the prospect of unforgettable days with sporty driving on snow and ice can cause butterflies in the stomach. Every second of your stay. And the program on offer away from the Porsche Driving Area will get pulses racing too. Alongside extreme driving fun, the program also includes exciting adventures in the icy landscape. The tour on the snowmobile through snowy scenery will remain a topic of conversation for many years to come. As will driving a Porsche to its limits, of course.

The program includes learning the basics as well as the intensive driving experience on snow and sheer ice. All with diverse Porsche models – which respond differently to the challenges. An aspect that will provide a lot of variety. The time behind the wheel is also entertaining. With plenty of new techniques and a whole host of fun, the basics are taught whilst laying the foundations for further programs. This promises unadulterated motivation every second. Alongside the theory, the schedule includes driving safety, driving dynamics and, above all, driving practice. The dedicated and highly experienced instructors are always by your side. They will teach special techniques to make driving on snow and ice safe. And the feeling that even difficult situations – also with special drifting techniques on specially prepared handling circuits – can be mastered and driven under control, is simply indescribable. You just have to experience it.

Multi-day experience for enthusiasts:

Program Date:

2023 - TBC

Participation Price (2020):

$8,500 per driver

Accompanying guest services included:

Accompanying guests do not actively participate in the driving program and are not authorised to observe at the Porsche Driving Area Levi circuit on the driving days. Accompanying guests must organise their own daily plans. The hotel reception is happy to assist.

Accompanying Guest Price (2020):
$2,450 per guest

To register your interest for 2023 or find out more information, please contact:
Rasma Ertl
Tel: 1800 062 911
[email protected]

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