Ice Experience

Ice Experience


Welcome to the winter paradise of Northern Finland and to the Porsche Driving Area in Levi. Set picturesquely in the middle of a vast wooded and snowy landscape. Around 1000 kilometres from Helsinki. This is where winter sports are redefined – and where the heart of the Porsche Ice Experience beats. On prepared ice tracks, certified Porsche Ice Experience instructors teach the art of sporty driving under the toughest conditions. The result: maximum driving pleasure at the wheel of a Porsche. On successive training levels. Exciting. Demanding. Adrenaline-charged. The learning objective: maximum vehicle control. And icy drifts that will take your breath away.

The three training levels, Ice Experience, Ice Force and Ice Force Pro are tailored to your individual performance level. Maximum learning success guaranteed.

The Ice Experience training level is your introduction to the world of icy driving pleasure. You will learn the basics of confident vehicle handling – and drifting – on mirror-smooth surfaces, complete testing sections and first drives on demanding handling courses.

Ice Experience

The next learning step awaits you with the Ice Force training level. Here you sharpen your handling technique at the limits of driving physics with load change reactions and lateral acceleration guaranteed. Individual sections and long handling tracks require your undivided attention.

Ice Force

The Ice Force Pro training level is the highest stage. On the agenda: practice, practice and yet more practice. On extra-long handling courses and exclusive forest tracks, you will gain more and more confidence and become one with the vehicle. No matter which Porsche model you are driving.

Ice Force Pro

Ready for a challenge that will open up completely new perspectives for you? Get behind the wheel and enjoy! 

To register your interest for 2024 or find out more information, please contact:
Rasma Ertl
Tel: 1800 062 911

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