As the leading manufacturer of high performance sports cars, Porsche is dedicated to providing its owners with exceptional customer experiences. Whether you are seeking adventure, adrenaline or five-star hospitality, Porsche Events has an exclusive offering tailored to you. Test your skills on closed-roads in your Porsche, drive ours on the track, explore the brand’s rich history at our mobile brand experience and be part of the camaraderie, meeting other like-minded Porsche enthusiasts along the way.

Explore each of our Porsche Events below and learn how you can get involved.

Porsche Pavilion

Porsche High Flier Grand Prix Experience

Porsche in Motion

Porsche Golf Cup Australia Challenge

For further information on Porsche Events, please contact:
Porsche Experience Team
(03) 9473 0911
[email protected]

Track Experience
Ice Experience
Travel Experience
Targa Tours
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